About Me

It is all about me, I think.

Hello, I am an IT Engineer living in Greece. I was always related with technology and try to compose it with my imagination.
I went to a technical lyceum and I learned how to maintain Information Systems, Applications and Networks.
I studied IT Engineering in ATEI of Thessaloniki, 11/2015.
I was in ITU's Wireless Communication Research Lab as Intern Android Developer via Erasmus+ program.
Currently I build websites and android applications. I am also working on a mobile game development project cooperating with animation and graphic artists.

Just say hello.


I Will Find a Way

IT Engineer

-Algorithms and Data Structures
-Databases and Information Retrieval
-Software Technology and Engineering
-Artificial Intelligence and Intelligent Systems
-Telecommunication Systems and Computer Networks
-Human-Computer Interaction
-Parallel and Distributed Systems

Android Developer

-Android SDK
-Android NDK

Web Developer

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